Traditional Fiddle Music from the British Isles

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Suzanne, Katherine, Lauren & Claire --- Stone Mountain Highland Games 2015

Music from Scotland & Ireland

Scotland & Ireland are only separated by twelve miles of sea at their nearest point. So it's not surprising that they share cultural connections, having influenced each other over the centuries with an exchange of emigrants. The Irish and Scots that moved between the two nations due to economic, political and social factors naturally shared their language, music and customs as they traveled and worked. 

However, with all they share-- both Irish and Scottish music is uniquely different in musical style, lyrical text and dance.  An amalgamation of these two Celtic traditions forming the roots music of the Southern Appalachian people as they emigrated to a start a new life in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.  As we travel forward, let us not forget to listen to the sweet sounds of our past -- traditional music is living music and we strive to bring it 'to life' for our audiences! 

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Traditional Bands &
Dancers for Special Events

Add the flavor of the Scottish Highlands or the green hills of Ireland to your Wedding, Corporate Event, Birthday or other Special Event. Booking now for Burns Night Dinners January 25th  and 

St. Patrick's Day parties March 17.

We can help you throw an Irish or Scottish ceili(dh) or just add the authenticity of quality traditional music to a cocktail hour, house party or reception. 

Up for playing a tribute to Scotland with a night of The Dashing White Sargent and Flowers of Edinburgh or summoning the spirit of Ireland with Lark in the Morning and Sally Gardens--  our bands are fun, energetic, engaging, professionally dressed and costumed with top tier traditional musicians as well as knowledgeable about both music from both traditions.

Featuring fiddlers well-known Atlanta fiddlers:

Katherine Irwin Thomas and Suzanne Harner with multi- talented musicians Claire Shirey (concertina/ fiddle/ dance) and Lauren Fariss (accordion/guitar/piano).

Call or Email us to inquire about music for your event!

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